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Foreign brands are wooing Chinese discounters to tap the domestic market

Foreign brands are wooing Chinese discounters to tap the domestic market

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Miaobo international women's clothing brand discount is a domestic reference to foreign outlets outlets mode of operation brand discount outlets. At the 15th China international apparel expo held in Beijing in March this year, their booth attracted a lot of visitors to stop, many businesses interested in this sales model to consult and negotiate, and some brand agents are willing to join the supply of goods. A woman from Europe was very interested in the discount store right in front of the booth. With the help of the translator, she carefully asked how foreign clothing brands can join. It can be seen that brand discount, a new retail model, has also attracted the attention of foreign merchants. Reporters learned that this year "miaobo" in the booth to receive consulting foreign businessmen than before, and customers participate in the brand discount to join the desire is becoming more and more strong.

The reason why international brand discount sales attract foreign investors is that on the one hand, it reflects that the international industry attaches great importance to the Chinese market and conducts detailed analysis and research on the consumption level and habits of the Chinese market. On the other hand, it also reflects the "covet" of foreign clothing brands represented by mid-range clothing on the Chinese market. The huge consumer demand and consumption power not only attract big brands to enter the high-end shopping malls in China, but also those mid-range clothing manufacturers who want to share the cake in the Chinese market. At present, internationally renowned clothing brands such as H&M and ZARA have successively entered the domestic market. For mid-range clothing manufacturers, their entry is more rational, and the cooperation with Chinese discount stores has become one of their choices to enter the market.

Collaboration is under way

Name tastes discount shop to say to regard as "outlets" as abroad, originate from the United States at the earliest, in Chinese Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, England, Spain, France, United States, Greece, Argentina now the brand discount shop with different theme has all over the world. The development trend that the development trend that the mode of sale of outlets is in the economy developed country such as North America, Europe, Japan already formed tide of a kind of globalization commerce to popularize. The main reasons why it attracts people are accurate positioning, brand concentration and low price. Brand discount stores, a new retail format, will become a large and rapidly developing industry. Brand discount stores can also be said to be "factory outlet", its existence has three premises: the first is a first-line brand; Second, although it is out of season, broken code products, but sufficient supply, update quickly; Most importantly, the discount should be attractive enough. Nowadays, there are many consumers who advocate brand and pay attention to cost performance at the same time. Brand discount stores let consumers experience the "big brand, low price" shopping surprise.

It is understood that the development of international brand discount in China has just started. The existence of several types of international brand discount stores in the market has its own characteristics. There are discount stores for sports brands, discount stores for women's brands and discount stores for men's brands. The foreign company that gives a person impression has B&D(100 shang du) discount shop of international brand shoe industry that creates by European brand shoe industry trusteeship organization, this shop concentrated the international management mode such as discount of famous goods, chain operation, brand direct sale, sale system service, bundle sale of world famous shoes; There is also Foxtown, a Swiss company that is a joint venture with a domestic company to set up an international brand discount store. Foxtown is one of the most well-known discount retail chains in Europe, with more than 300 global chains. It operates three discount stores in Switzerland and had sales of 130 million euros in 2003. At home, good silks international clothing brand discount is the present domestic brand discount development more mature one, now they are the national sales network of more than 200, both on the scale of operation or logistics system is relatively perfect, they established the Asia's largest apparel in Shanghai logistics center "jinyi much super clothing co., LTD.", is now turning to the domestic and international clothing cooperation with international brand discount to jointly develop the Chinese market. In addition, there are kingbrand international brand men's clothing store, hangzhou language xuan international brand discount women's clothing company, the gentlemen and valuable international brand discount men's clothing logistics company and other Chinese companies, in the international clothing brand discount business, their frequent exchanges and cooperation with foreign brands, teamed up on both sides for domestic consumers to provide the more shopping choices.

The prospect is good and the operation is difficult

Most people are optimistic about the development of international brand discount stores in China, the reason is very simple, no matter what level of consumers like bargaining, like cheap goods, this kind of consumer psychology is to promote the growth of brand discount model. Secondly, the biggest competitive advantage of international brand discount stores is the low price. Due to the lack of middlemen, discount stores directly send their own purchasers to purchase goods abroad instead of through agents. The purchase cost is much lower than before. In addition, accurate positioning is also the main reason for its attraction, brand concentration, low price, many first-line brands in the discount stores of famous goods from low discount, this targeted at specific groups of sales positioning makes the prospect of brand discount stores is increasingly optimistic by the domestic market.

In spite of this, and many low price compared to local competitors on the market, the international brand discount store in terms of logistics, supply of goods and there are many difficulties facing the operators: how to find a stable supply of goods, how to dock with the more and more international brands, variety products, how to recommend to domestic consumers will be international brand discount store need to overcome obstacles in the domestic development.

Source: zhonghua clothing network

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