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We are selling a batch of equipment

We are selling a batch of equipment

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Name Type
Lathe CG6125A
Borer T68
Bench Drill 2T4016-W
Cylindrical Grinder WC1420B
Gear Sharper Y54A
Horizontal Miller X61W
Hacksawing Machine G72
Electric Hoist 0.5T
Winding Machine TK1.5
Dust Collector  
Blue Printer T1200-11
Air Compressor 2V-0.6-7
Air Compressor 2V-0.6-10
Motor Test Pump 100Z
DC Welding Machine BX3-300-1
Argon Welder CS-300SS
Spot Welder DN-25
AC Arc Welder BX3-300-1
AC Arc Welder RX3-300-1


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