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3503 party branches of the company will hold thematic organization meetings

3503 party branches of the company will hold thematic organization meetings

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From August 15 to August 22, the 10 party branches of nanjing international China 3503 company have successively completed the work of convening the session of special topic organization life link. The members of the leading group of the company participated in the activities of the party branch as ordinary party members, and more than 190 party members were subjected to a strict inner-party life training.

At the party branch special organization life meeting, each party branch secretary notified the party branch comparison inspection situation, the conversation heart activity carries on the situation, listens to the party member's opinion and the suggestion, and through the party member self-appraisal, the mutual appraisal and the party branch appraisal and so on form, has carried on the democratic appraisal to the party branch member, assessed the party member's qualification. If a party branch has more than 15 members, it shall hold an organizational meeting with the party group as the unit before the branch congress. Party members shall be frank and open with each other, face up to problems, draw up their own "list of problems" and carry out criticism and self-criticism.

Company point of contact of the party's mass line education practice leaders also attended the meeting review, guidance, and asked all of the party branch in accordance with the "3503 the party's mass line company party branch project organization life education practice plan of specific arrangement, in project organization life within 15 days after the meeting, held a party member enlargement, situation of project organization life.

At the meeting of the thematic organization life of the party branch, tang luning, deputy secretary of the party committee, affirmed the thematic organization life of the meeting, thinking that the meeting opened the atmosphere, received a good result, and played the purpose of "unity -- criticism -- unity". Achieve the "five adhere to", that is: adhere to strengthen learning, focus on tamping down the ideological foundation; Adhere to focus on the "four winds", in-depth control of the examination; Adhere to positive communication, in-depth communication; Adhere to the spirit of rectification, and carry out criticism and self-criticism seriously; Adhere to the implementation of the reform, clear rectification measures. He also asked party branches and party members to "keep in mind the five", one is to always keep in mind "who I am, for whom, rely on who" principle, earnestly fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of party members; Second, we must always bear in mind the views of the masses and change our work style. Third, we must always bear in mind that development is the fundamental principle and move forward with unity. Fourth, we should always bear in mind the spirit of "three stricts and three facts" and set up a good new image of party members. Fifth, we must always bear in mind the style of construction is always on the road, continue to pay attention to the implementation of rectification work.

All party branches of the company closely around the "mirror, dress, wash, cure" the general requirements, contrast "four winds" problem, in-depth development of heart-to-heart activities, heart to heart, heart to heart, talk about the problem deep, talk through, talk about open, strict and practical investigation of the problem. Dare to "shine a sword", seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, played a "red face, sweating, detoxification" effect. After the meeting, a party official said, "criticism and self-criticism are like sobriety. At that time, I felt my face burning hot. Thematic organization lives the development of the meeting, make broad party member remembers the responsibility on the shoulder and bear in mind, improved working style further, the cohesive force that strengthens a team and combat effectiveness had main effect.

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