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Dress fair reflects the new trend of "professional dress" development

Dress fair reflects the new trend of "professional dress" development

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Profusion of professional dress to work in different positions of professional people in the dress has a distinctive characteristics, but also to the clothing enterprises to provide a new market. Clothing exhibition just gives enterprises a window to collect information and display products.

A few days ago on the China international dress and apparel exposition that holds in Beijing, domestic and foreign numerous well-known dress brand is in succession on this fashionable stage "contend for strange beauty". Some clothing enterprises have launched a "temperature regulation" of intelligent fiber composite weaving products, anti-electromagnetic radiation products, environmental protection milk protein fiber and other high-tech products, the expo has become a focus of attention. In numerous clothing brands, the past has not been valued by people, a serious face of professional dress let a person shine at the moment. For the first time, people seem to have discovered that business attire can be not only fashionable, but also highly technical.

Yihe, a famous brand of professional clothes in China, is one of the outstanding representatives. Their latest series of professional clothes have attracted countless people's attention. A lady li who came to yihe exhibition hall to discuss business said, "I am from guangdong, and I have attended every international clothing fair. This year let me shine at the moment is the fashion sense of professional dress is stronger and stronger, especially the professional dress exhibited by yihe, in the design style and international standards, more in line with our Chinese aesthetic sense.

In the past, mention professional dress, people thinks it is inflexible, prim overalls, affect beautiful. Ma jinfang, chairman of yihe co., ltd. took the lead in proposing that all working people in China should be beautiful and become "Chinese professional dress experts".

It is understood that the biggest difference between professional clothing and ordinary clothing is that it has a high scientific and technological content. On the one hand, it should conform to human body science and wear comfortably. On the other hand, you have to have certain functions. Whether it is ready-to-wear or fabric, its special function is the most important. With the progress of science and technology and the increasing complexity of the working environment, the anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation and other functions of professional clothing are increasingly valued by enterprises. In recent years, many enterprises or research institutions have made great efforts to research and develop functional fabrics and their professional garments.

Ma jinfang tells a reporter, appropriate he pays attention to the aesthetic element of professional outfit very much and element of science and technology. In recent years, yihe has been constantly improving the research and development of science and technology and its own design ability, constantly capturing the international fashion trends, in large-scale production, brand operation planning, the company has invested heavily in the introduction of the latest international advanced equipment, and establish a strict quality management system. In order to improve the scientific and technological content of occupational protective clothing, the company has established the first institute of occupational protective clothing in China, and cooperated with relevant scientific research departments to develop special protective clothing with high-tech content suitable for aerospace, navigation, medical and other fields, striving to occupy the market commanding point in the field of intelligent occupational protective clothing manufacturing.

"The future trend of professional clothing development is' smart ', 'comfortable' and 'simple'. With the arrival of the information age, 'smart' has become a prominent feature of the fashion trend. Intelligent, automatic and functional elements such as fabrics, tailoring and design in professional clothing will make wearing more scientific, reasonable and convenient. Yihe hopes to lead the trend of The Times through scientific and technological innovation, provide as much research results and practical experience as possible for the introduction of various standards of Chinese professional dress, and consolidate the leading position of yihe in China's professional dress industry. Ma jinfang said with confidence.

How to make professional dress more competitive in the market? Ma jinfang thinks, the competition of field of international professional outfit at present, already from low cost competition, turn to the respect such as product design, brand management strategy. In the field of domestic professional clothing, the importance of product design and brand culture has exceeded many factors such as production equipment, technology and fabrics, and the lack of design and connotation of professional clothing is becoming increasingly uncompetitive. In order to strengthen the design strength of yihe, the company has hired high salary international senior technicians and fashion design masters, so that yihe absorbed the international fashion and popular elements, enhance the taste and connotation of professional dress. At the same time, the design of international dress master also opens up the international market of professional dress for appropriate he, lay solid foundation.

Ma jinfang said, "we have been working hard in the field of professional clothing for more than 20 years, and we are a professional manufacturer of professional clothing. Over the years, we have been a lot of temptation, but always adhere to the professional dress this territory, we do not want to get involved in other fields, but want to pretend to be a professional through. It should be said that our efforts have been rewarded to some extent. Yihe has won many honors such as' national inspection-free products' and 'top ten influential brands in China's garment industry'. In 2000, yihe was recognized as "China's no.1 brand of professional dress" at China international professional dress expo, which made us feel very gratified.

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