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The trade union of the company organizes training courses for trade union cadres

The trade union of the company organizes training courses for trade union cadres

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Integrate into the overall situation of central service to reflect the characteristics of highlight

Recently, in accordance with the articles of association of the trade union of China, the trade union organization of the company has carried out the work of changing the term of office and reelection for each branch. At present, all 12 branches have finished the work of changing the term and reelection. In order to further strengthen the leadership and organizational ability of trade union cadres, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality and working level of trade union cadres, the company's trade union held a training class for trade union cadres in a timely manner.

Training courses, from the primary branch 12 branch President and trade union staff not only learned together the relevant section of the journal articles of association of Chinese trade unions, also studied the nanjing city federation of trade unions "about further to carry out the family of the worker's opinions on construction activities, as well as the about 3503 companies to establish" six type shift ", strive for pioneer "workers" activity "file. At the same time, I deployed the key work in the second half of 2013, summarized the monthly labor union work completion, and made arrangements for the labor union work in the next month. Comrade tang luning, chairman of the trade union, gave us a tutorial entitled "integrating into the center, serving the overall situation, reflecting characteristics, and highlighting as -- how to do well the work of the trade union under the new situation".

Chairman tang first from the construction of a high-quality trade union cadres team, all trade union cadres in the new situation to adapt to the new requirements, to do "four good" : one is to be good at taking responsibility; Second, be good at unity and cooperation; Third, be good at innovation; Fourth, we should be good at putting what we have learned into practice. Secondly, the labor union should strive to achieve: accurate direction, clear thinking, clear task, in the work practice to "understand the relationship between the four aspects" : one is to understand the interests of enterprises and employees; The second is to understand that trade union organization is the bridge and link between the party and the masses of workers; Third, understand the relationship between trade union work and enterprise central task; Fourth, understand the functional departments and trade union organizations play a role in different channels and roles. Third, integrate into the center and promote innovative development of trade union work. First, vigorously carry out various forms of labor competition with the focus on scientific and safe development. Second, we should focus on creating harmonious enterprises and strengthen open and democratic management of administrative affairs. Third, we will focus on improving the work style and comprehensively strengthen the organization of trade unions and the self-improvement of trade union cadres. Fourth, the basic daily work of the trade union. Chairman tang will be carried out in the annual key activities and the basic work of the daily more systematically listed, and detailed teaching methods, so that the annual trade union work ideas more clear and clear. Finally, chairman tang hope all the trade union cadres should foothold official duty, future-oriented, closely around company economic goals throughout the year and the current military production tasks within a work center, down-to-earth, to lead the masses of workers to a new attitude, new look, new spirit, in their own work, hard work, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, solidly complete all the work of trade unions, to realize dream, three interstate China and contribute their strength.

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