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The company carries out the party style clean government construction warning education activity

The company carries out the party style clean government construction warning education activity

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On August 5, the party committee of the company and the commission for discipline inspection carried out a warning education activity for the construction of party spirit and clean government in the conference room on the fifth floor, and organized the viewing of the clean government warning film "the harm of losing morality -- moral warning record for leading cadres in politics". More than 60 middle-level and above management personnel, finance, audit and discipline inspection personnel of the company attended the activity.

Leaders at all levels of the company after watching the warning film of clean government have expressed that they have a deeper understanding of the harmfulness of corruption and the necessity of preventing corruption. In the future work and life, will certainly take the incorruptible self-discipline as strengthens own moral tutelage the compulsory course, will consciously accept the party and the worker populace's supervision, forever maintains the communist party member's advanced natural quality.

On August 21, members of the party committee, members of the commission for discipline inspection, middle managers, finance, auditing, discipline inspection and other relevant departments attended the education video meeting of the warning of the construction of party conduct and integrity held by the international China group. He keren, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of the international China group, delivered an important speech on strengthening discipline inspection and supervision and effectively improving anti-corruption and building a clean government.

Secretary he strictly implemented the "three major" collective decision-making system, improved supporting measures, effectively solved outstanding problems, promoted the implementation of the system, promoted the democratic centralism of the work style, and exemplary compliance with laws and regulations. Strict implementation of the rules and regulations of production and operation and management systems, lead by example, lead by example, strict implementation and other aspects have been made deployment, requirements to vigorously carry out anti-corrosion and anti-change thought education and supervision and inspection. Take a variety of forms to carry out learning, so that enterprise leading cadres always maintain political firmness and ideological and moral purity.

Company party committee, commission for discipline inspection is to strengthen the disciplinary and supervisory work clean politics made arrangement, requirement of paying equal attention to strengthen the focus on education, system and supervision system for punishing and preventing corruption and actively carry out for practical clean practice, adhere to warning education activity, every quarter to ensure the integrity education work regularly, institutionalization, and further enhance the sorrows party consciousness of the party, the democratic legal system consciousness, civil servant supervision consciousness, responsibility consciousness and discipline. (party and mass department)

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