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The company organized to participate in the "new international cup" accounting professional skills competition

The company organized to participate in the "new international cup" accounting professional skills competition

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In order to further promote the "225" management innovation system and "learn from formosu" activities, accelerate the construction of "two centers", comprehensively strengthen the enterprise's consciousness of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, further strengthen the construction of accounting personnel team, and effectively improve the professional skills and work level of the company's accounting personnel. Recently, according to the group's new international industry [2013] no. 273 "notice on the group's holding of the" new international cup "accounting professional skills competition", the company organized 24 employees in the positions of finance and accounting of clothing companies and investment companies to participate in this competition.

It is understood that the competition is to attend the first state worker accounting vocational skills competition for the selection, is a part of state worker accounting professional skills contest, is the main purpose of the accounting profession competition in order to enhance the sense of responsibility of financial staff, constantly improve their business ability and comprehensive ability, promote the communication of the company's financial work experience.

Company Labour union, the financial department is quite seriously, immediately organize relevant personnel the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by trade union chairman Tang Luning, the guiding ideology of competition at the meeting, the specific way, participant, achievement summary report and shall negotiate and decorate, minister of finance supervision done clothing company and investment company's finance minister, 53:2479 respectively, said they would actively encourage accounting all to participate in the activities of the company. Two professional theoretical knowledge and case exams were organized on August 23rd and 28th respectively, and the competition site was in good order. In order to ensure the open, fair and fair competition selection activities, the company organized special personnel to review papers and summarize results, and reported the results to the trade union of the group company.

After the competition, financial and accounting personnel have expressed that through this skill competition can make colleagues exchange and learn from each other. Take this skill competition as an opportunity to stimulate business learning interest and enhance professional ability. Through this competition, they have also seen their own shortcomings. The financial accounting major will be better prepared for the future skills competition and strive for better results.

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