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Anhui professional clothing market radiates outwards

Anhui professional clothing market radiates outwards

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Recently, the first China held in hefei, anhui province, anhui apparel textile clothing brand docking at the first street, from 17 provinces, municipalities of the country engaged in home textile products, leisure men's, women's and children's clothing, knitwear, 648 companies and anhui apparel production working committee for the brands to the first street, such as strategic alliance contract signing ceremony. Anhui dress first street also started the pace that radiates development to anhui province from this.

Before 2004, anhui textile and clothing market was dominated by secondary retail market, and there was no real professional market. In that year, 67 million people in the province spent more than 30 billion yuan on clothing each year, but 97% of them came from developed coastal areas. This not only resulted in the loss of a large number of resources, capital and talents, but also put the textile and apparel industry in an unfavorable development situation in anhui province.

In October 2004, anhui province established the first real wholesale clothing market -- anhui baima clothing city -- in zhanqian road, xinzhan district, hefei city. By the end of 2006, zhanqian road has accumulated 7 textile and garment professional markets, with an opening area of 250,000 square meters and nearly 3,000 sales brands. In June 2006, the China federation of commerce awarded zhanqian road anhui clothing first street title. On March 7 this year, anhui clothing chamber of commerce established the first street working committee of anhui clothing after consultation with various markets in the area. In the second half of this year, zhanqianjie will also have two textile and clothing markets opened.

For efficient allocation of anhui textile clothing resources, enlarge anhui clothing first street clothing in the influence on the market throughout the country, Chinese clothing association, China home textile association, China textile professional market alliance, chamber of commerce and industry in anhui province, anhui province, anhui apparel clothing chamber of commerce working committee specially convened the first street brand ccpit. Through this activity, the first street of anhui clothing signed a total of 296 home textile and clothing brands outside the province, and successfully introduced hangzhou sijiqing, known as the first street of Chinese clothing, to join. At the same time, the municipal market in anhui province has also established 15 alliances with the first street of anhui clothing.

It is estimated that by 2008, the total area of the first street of anhui clothing will reach 380,000 square meters, operating 3,500 brands; By 2010, its turnover will exceed 10 billion yuan, accounting for about 25% of the province's textile and apparel consumption market.

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