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Nanjing No.3503 Garment Factory, located in Hexi area of Nanjing, has a land area of 177,000sq.m, gross assets of RMB 283 million, and annual capacity of more than 4 million sets of garment. As a wholly state-owned company, the company manufactures uniforms for army, armed police, police security organs, procuratorial organs and people’s courts, industrial & commercial bureau, tax bureau, and railway group, etc for long term. Since the establishment in September 1940, the company has witnessed several service and policeman uniform alterations manufacture in different period. And the factory has won two national silver awards, six excellent product awards of army, 32 excellent product awards of ministry, and the title of “quality management award” given by Jiangsu National Defence Technological Industry. In addition, the company has been ISO9002 certified.

Rigorously organized structures take “market-guided and serve clients” as principle and “manufacture products to meet clients’ demands” as tenet. The juridical person (factory director) supervises Market Dept., which sets up Army Product Section, Foreign Trade Section, Sales Management Section, and Quality Supervision Office. Army Product Section carries on order forms of army products, communicates with clients and replies clients. Quality Supervision Office follows up product quality according to relative technical standards.

Standing Assistant Plant Manager manages Garment Manufacture Dept., which has Plan Dispatch Section, Technique & Technology Section, Material Supply Section, Equipment & Energy Source Section, Manufacture Section, and Quality Inspection Section. We implement integration management from plan arrangement, material supply, technique and energy source equipment ensuring, manufacturing, to inspection of products. In order to realize production smoothly, the factory focuses on the dispatch of human resource, sending special assistant plant manager to manage HR Dept. Chief Accountant administrates Finance and Auditing Dept. to ensure good capital guarantee.

Adhering to principle of quality first, and equipped with whole set of advanced imported equipment, our factory manufactures uniform for long time. CAD clothing design & makeup system reflects designing view correctly, which makes cut-out and technique style equivalent with the design view and embodies the original designing style; the application of Shanghai Weishi program-controlled sanforizing machine reduces shrinkage caused by making up fabric and efficiently prevent garment size change or distortion; automatic cutting machine finishes cutting of cut pieces accurately according to the makeup drawing made by computer; high quality computer sartorius, program-controlled set-in-sleeve machine and automatic pocket-hole sewing machine of Germany Pfaff,Japan Yamato edge sewing machine, Japan Hashima cementing machine, and advanced ironing equipment make the products embody designing effects and philosophies; after whole set of solid finishing and ironing, the finished products are nicer. Equipped with whole set of advanced equipment, combined with 120 senior and junior technicians and more than 1500 skilled workers, the company manufactures quality products.

These years, the factory develops stably. In several arm products biddings, the factory tried best to take part in them and gained great achievements. In 2006, the factory realized sales income of RMB 190 million and profit of RMB 4.6 million.

There are special personnel engaged in after service. As the products are distributed completely, the after service is carried out. The factory pays more attention to the important clients of army and armed police. As the products are stored in the appointed storehouse, the after service personnel will follow up to collect information and suggestions. If there is some quality problem, the personnel gives treatment advice on the spot and feeds back to the factory based on the tenet of “client first, quality first”. The factory supplies quality products for clients in shortest time. In addition, our complaint line (86-25-83413503) is available every day, even on the holiday.